Saponification: The First Rule about my Chemisty Class is that you don’t talk about my Chemistry class


soap fc

The second rule about my Chemistry class is…well you know the rest.Today, with the help of my young avid students, we are creating soap simply by using cooking oil, 6M NaOH, and ethanol to speed the chemical reaction. While we are not actually using human fat (I checked in all the hospital dumpsters around town, there was no fat) the process is still fascinating. We are taking a process that used to be long and arduous before the 1900’s and shortening it to an hour. Saponification takes place when you combine a fat (cooking oil)  with an alkaline solution (NaOH). Once a fat, or triglyceride, is treated with a base then the fat releases fatty acid salt and glyceride. Once our product has been cooled we add a saturated salt solution to cause the soap to precipitate and Voila! We have created our own soap! (Not for profit or redistribution at nomadic festivals such as the apple festival, pie festival, or any medieval festivals)



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