We see between the trees and that is reason. We read between the lines and that is reason. Then what of things unseen? To say that a sunflower thrust upwards towards the sky because of photosynthesis is reason and it is not. We cannot see the processes that strengthen and weave together this warm organism, however, it reaches towards the sky absorbing light and converting it into energy. The fibrous roots absorb nutrients from the earth and transport them into each individual branch. Each bright yellow petal is saturated with sustenance. The sunflower stands tall facing towards the sun because that is its most vital source of being.

Then what of humans? Much like the sunflower we stand tall and face upwards towards the sky in opposition of Earth’s magnetic forces. After all, why do we stand erect when it is more pleasing to gravity to walk on four limbs? It must be that humans derive something from above. It is soothing to our being to fixate our eyes on the infinite blue sky. It is unreasonable to count the stars and yet we try. To map the paths of the sun and the moon is an extraordinary feat and humans have succeeded to a large extent. Peering beyond this galaxy, contemplating others, is unimaginable and yet it is imagined. Perhaps we will always look beyond our scope of view to things unseen.

However certain our reason, our uncertain imagination prevails. Imagine you are a sunflower,

“ My brothers and sisters surround me. Smiling as we are, the wind brushes across our faces bringing new pollen filled life. The soil beneath our feet feels soothingly cool and mushy and so we dig in our roots. Bathing in the sun’s rays creates an atmosphere of joyous conversation. One brother smilingly whispers to another, “I love you brother. I will always stand beside you.” And like a chain, one by one each sunflower whispers to the next, “ I love you brother. I will always stand beside you. I love you sister. I will always stand beside you. I love you brother… I love you sister.” Until the whisper harmoniously syncs into a collective voice, “I love you brother and sister. I will always stand beside you.”

Now imagine you are a person facing towards the sky absorbing the warm rays of the sun. Feet planted firmly into the soil you turn towards your brother and say, “I love you brother. I will always stand beside you.” You turn to the left and your sister lovingly tells you, “ I love you brother. I will always stand beside you.” Picturesque as our imagination may be, our reason will not allow us to envision such a world. We say, flowers do not have emotion and humans are self-serving. As selfish as we think we are we are allured towards things above. The things unseen and the portraits that we paint through our imaginations are undeniably beautiful. If reason is to erase these imaginations and simply live as plants and animals, then let us shun reason and cling to faith in the unseen. Faith that life exists above and that love lies in loving one another.


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