Physics, Oh Physics!


Physics oh Physics, why must you torment me so?

Gravitational fields confine me to below.

Must I learn of your ways in order to excel?

Forceful are you, in proportion to mass you propel. (F=MA)

Momentous am I, on the path to success.

I begin the reaction and Newton’s 2nd takes care of the rest.

As I apply the use of Physics I apply towards my goals.

And I vigorously take notes as the teacher lulls.

Preaching of pseudo-science and coefficients of friction

How am I to have faith in what seems to be fiction?

Religion based science is not what I signed up for

Blind belief is not my cup of tea or am I willing to pore

Into books upon books of what Newton amassed

All I know is acceleration occurs when I step on the gas

100 miles per hour is all I care to go

Until I see in my periphery there is a soft white doe

Precious is she, how she reminds me of Bambi?

Weren’t it for being rushed out the door I’d have my camera handy.

Next thing I know it hops to the left

Now my Mustang is in shambles, my Physics book is all I have left

My book is eerily open to Newton’s First Law

As I read it aloud there is soreness in my jaw,

“An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force”.

My friends, this is my story of how a cute deer demolished a horse.


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