Can you feel?


Can you feel?

Can you feel the waves crash against the shore?

Can you feel the sand sift between your toes on a busy morning selling coconut water?

Can you feel your weight shift suddenly as you zip back and forth in traffic?

Can you feel the warmth of the people?

Can you feel how they love you so?

Can you feel that they would offer you dinner even if they had to go without the next day?

Can you feel the wind as it brushes back your hair as you hitch a ride clinging to the outside of the local bus?

Can you feel how your mind is altered from the inhalation of shoe glue to elude hunger?

Can you feel starvation plague your body like a thousand piercing needles in your stomach?

Can you feel the hunger go away when you breathe in the toxic glue?

Can you feel the sun rays gleaming upon yourself and the homeless?

Can you feel the presence of God amidst a multitude of starved people?

Can you feel the rumbling of their stomachs as we sit together on a glowing Sunday morning in the park?

Can you feel the tears well up from deep inside escaping along with perspiration from the humid climate?

Can you feel how your heart burns when a child without a home hugs you without ever knowing you?

Can you feel the love they have to give when love they have not been given?

Can you feel the longing for affirmation from desperate children who feel hopeless?

Can you feel the uncertainty of a child who does not know if they will eat again?

Can you feel the rays of light shining through the trees?

Can you feel the passion of a people who know God?

Can you feel their yearning for His presence?

Can you feel the vibrations from the room full of praise as joyous songs are sang?

Can you feel the apathy slowly crumbling away?

Can you feel the vigor that is being restored?

Can you feel the life within a once dead body?

Can you feel how Christ moves those who are immovable?

Can you feel how he heals brokenness and sorrow?

Can you feel how he sustains and promises hope for tomorrow?

If you have felt any one of these things, then truly you have felt.

This is how it feels when a heart does melt.


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