Update from Recife

5/29 Friday

Friday morning I took a pleasant jog around the neighborhood. I promised myself that I would exercise in some fashion because I knew that my inner glutton would seize every opportunity to indulge in Brazilian food. Upon my return, I found Mike and Aureni preparing for the day. Mike was been gracious enough to make me the healthiest oatmeal complimented with a  “longo” (long-oo) which is a long drawn shot of espresso. We converse (I soak in his wisdom) before we part for the day. Aureni, the utmost caring mother that she is, offers to walk with me to Escola da Biblia to get our painting on!

Escola da Biblia

Wall outside of Escola da Biblia

Painting the nursery room with Jonathan from LST.

Painting the nursery room with Jonathan from LST.

After spending the day touching up the building, Aureni and I hailed a taxi to visit Aureni’s mother. Unfortunately our patience and my motion sickness were put to the test as we endured a longer than usual cab ride. This problem stemmed from a city wide protest of the government by the residents. At the crux of the problem was that the bus drivers refused to work which in turn prevented everyone from doing much of anything. Protest aside I viewed the cab ride as a chance to get to know more about the glowing, lovely, Aureni.

Aureni, busy upstairs!

Aureni, busy upstairs!

When we finally arrived at Aureni’s mother’s house it was so late that were only able to stay briefly. Aureni’s mother and I exchanged a few words in Portuguese and then we returned home. Josh and the LST gang, who waited ever so patiently, swung by to pick me up for dinner. The restaurant of choice was a Brazilian pizzeria where the slices are served constantly. Although the idea of an endless train of delectable pizza sounded heavenly, I managed to reserve myself to only five slices….Only.


One thought on “Update from Recife

  1. We enjoyed reading your post, Gabriel. You are very interesting! Keep them coming! We shAred the arrival dinner photo with your grandma this morning at church. She was happy to see it and to know you’re doing well!


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