God’s Birthday Cake!

Thursday evening following my English classes with my students. (Love them!) Joshua and the crew threw a surprise Birthday party for Livia!!! Josh’s thoughtful preparation and craftiness made it so that she was genuinely and happily surprised. The hospitable hosts that they are, the Brazilians prepared for me a heaping mound of bite size Brazilian foods and sweets that burst with rich flavor upon chewing. Knowing verily that if I were consume such a generous amount of candied offerings that I would lapse into a sugar coma, I managed to recruit eager consumers in my stead. jaja Altogether it was a wonderful night where Josh displayed his love for Livia and snuck into her heart once more.

Josh showing that chivalry is not dead. Cavalheirismo nao esta morto. Well done, Josh!

Josh showing that chivalry is not dead. Cavalheirismo nao esta morto. Well done, Josh!

Friday, being that there are no classes at Escola da Biblia, Josh and the crew planned a retreat at Porto da Galinhas. I awoke early Friday morning and took some Dramamine under the impression that the trip would take a couple of hours. (Josh told me it was!) As it turned out the trip was a pleasant one hour long. jaja Although I was zombie-fied from the Dramamine when we arrived at Porto I was awakened by the brilliance of the scenery.

God's birthday cake! YAY!

God’s birthday cake! YAY!

This day was God’s magnificent present. We experienced an array of color in the spectrum of weather we received. My best comparison of the delightful view is to compare the sky to a colorful Birthday cake of our Lord. Imagine if you will, envision, the clouds in the sky as decorative, fluffy, frosting laced with all shades of blue. Instead of “Happy Birthday” written in the sky I could see His name written above. Traced in the sky was vibrant white and areas where God used his finger to masterfully shade dark areas.

He even gave us sweet sprinkles in the form of rain! Well, more like a downpour of rain but this only demonstrates his generosity more so! As the sun waned lights began to illuminate one by one on the horizon as if God were lighting candles for the cake.

Candles lighting in the distance.

Candles lighting in the distance.

What more can I say,

of such a lovely day?

I can say naught about the things that weren’t,

except for Everton, the Brazilian, got sunburnt. 😦

It’s quite late so I must go. Goodnight brothers and sisters.

Boa noite,


Have a LISTEN to one of my favorites, Sean Feucht, and ENJOY the cake! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFp0jHQEg78


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