Bio: My identity largely relies on the person who you are. Who are you that is reading this? Tell me about your life? Your past joys, sorrows, triumphs, and letdowns. By this I mean simply that I am a listener; A sharer of emotions, thoughts, wisdom and truth. At a very young age I can recall my father (who was very young himself) sharing rich stories with me, that no child would care to comprehend, but I did. I wanted to know how my father ticked. What greases his wheels? Ironically, enough my father was an experienced mechanic, and tinkering with cars was the furthest thing from my mind. As long as it works, lets go to Mexico on a whim. We can worry about passports later. I prefer tinkering with the mind. Tapping into moments of almost mystic clarity. Word play, poetry, persuasion, philosophy, spirituality are all things for which I have an affinity. So let us discuss the inner facets of the mind. The imperfectly perfect mechanisms which make us into the beings that we are. For the one thing I am good at is being human and I love to dance on the boundary of spirit and flesh. Let us dance?

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